California Grand York Rite Sessions

California Grand York Rite SessionsCalifornia Grand York Rite SessionsCalifornia Grand York Rite Sessions

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the GYRS on May 2nd to May 7th has been postponed.  The new dates are July 13th  to the  17th.

New Dates Announced: July 13th - 17th

Last updated April 2nd, 2020

  • New forms are NOW ONLINE!
  • For those that send in forms for the May sessions, you should have been contacted.  
  • Whereas the July Sessions do not have all of the events that were offered in May, you will need to submit a new form and payment.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

Welcome to the California Grand York Rite Sessions. On this site, you will be able to access:

A few words about Reservation Only (*R.O.*) events:

 Although there is no charge for these events, please enter in a numerical value for the events you want to attend. This provides a headcount for the preparation of the event. Also, if the event is cancelled or changed you can be notified.  

Grand York Rite California (GYR CA) Corporation Annual Meeting,

Is on Monday, July 13th starting at 4:00 pm to completion of business. All members of the GYR CA Corporation are cordially invited to attend. Agenda for this annual business meeting will be published separately. 

Workshops: The following workshops will be offered.

  •  Tuesday: Leadership. A mini session of the Leadership Seminar rolled out a couple of years ago.
  • · Wednesday: Membership. An open discussion about gaining and retaining membership.
  • · Thursday: For the Ladies “All the mysteries of the York Rite Titles”. Covering the various York Rite titles.

Installations and Receptions:

 Each of the Incoming Presiding Officers are hosting a Reception after their installation. If you are going to attend, please enter the number, to allow for proper planning. 

For those inquiring about the AMD In-Gathering:

The 2020 CA AMD in-gathering has been cancelled.  Western Council No. 41 AMD in-gathering is scheduled for Sat, 14 November at Taft Lodge in Taft CA.  Check the accompanying website for details and registration.

For your convenience, we allowing you to register and pay for the Order of High Priesthood, Thrice Illustrious Master and Past Commanders Association with your other meals and events. You must also include those respective forms with this one. We will forward the information and funds to the appropriate persons. 

Events are subject to change based on reservation responses or other factors.

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California Grand York Rite Sessions

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